Wodbodsuds #cleanAF Giveaway

What is better than one amazing giveaway? How about two! But these two you’ll have to work for.

First giveaway is the Wodbodsuds #cleanAF Giveaway! Fire up those Instagram accounts and your WHOLE TEAM could win a CLEAN AF T-Shirt or Tank plus a bar of Wodbodsuds AMAZING “Snapback” soap. Infused with peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus to provide a cooling effect to aide your muscles to recovery.

Here is how you can enter:

– Register your team at http://register.bulletpointcompetition.com/
– Take a picture of some or better yet ALL of your team members showing how you get #cleanAF after a grueling workout.
– Post the picture to your Instagram account
– Tag both @wodbodsuds and @bulletpointcompetitionseries
– Slap on a hashtag #cleanAF to your post

We will pick a winner in September,

Remember to check out Wodbodsuds at http://www.wodbodsuds.com/ and order some of their awesome products. Also look for them onsite at the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games on November 11th at SentryWorld in Stevens Point where they will be slinging their product as an official vendor.

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