WOD 4 Name Announcement

While the online portion of the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games is in full swing, all this month we will be releasing the names and eventually the definitions of the onsite workouts that will take place on November 11th at SentryWorld in Stevens Point.

WOD 4 of the 2017 Faction Games is the Iron Event aptly names Bar Wars: The Swole Awakens. Your teams cycling powers will be put to the test as you maneuver through a series of barbell movements. Again those with a well balanced team will have the edge as its not about who can lift the heaviest weight its about who can move the weight the fastest.

This one is going to be heavy hard and fast and should be one hell of a show as teams put their foot on the gas and won’t let off til they lunge across that finish line.

Watch for the standards and definition to drop October 22nd and as always watch the website for all the latest announcements and dates for upcoming announcements.


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