Bullet Point Team Classic

The Bullet Point Team Classic is the premiere team competition in central Wisconsin, we pride ourselves on bring a regional level experience to the masses with well organized, well facilitated and well promoted events. This team competition is designed for all levels, from beginners to advanced level athletes.  The team make up will consist of 2 male member and 2 female members. The event will be comprised of 4 workouts.  Rx and Scaled divisions are available, workouts are designed to be strategy based rather than raw strength and endurance.  This will make it attainable for most intermediate level athletes who meet movement standards to compete in the Rx division while still being very challenging for the most elite of athletes.

Date: Summer
Format:  Onsite 4 Person Team, 4 WODs
Divisions: Rx, Scaled
Difficulty: ALL LEVELS

Division Standards and General WOD format information can be found below