Athlete Profile: Nicole Kuechler

Name: Nicole Kuechler
Age: 27
Home Town: Kewaskum, WI
Current Town: Slinger, WI
Home Affiliate: Kettle Moraine CrossFit
Favorite Affiliate/Gym you have visited and why: Q-Town CrossFit in Quincy, Illinois. Not only was it amazing to have Sam Dancer as a coach, but everyone at the gym was so welcoming. It felt just like being at my home gym. They are very active in their community and are passionate about giving back.
Athlete you most admire: Gosh, that’s a hard one. There are so many great athletes. If I had to pick a known CrossFit icon, it would be Dan Bailey. He is a class act and is a great representation of the sport. I follow Ben Bergeron religiously as well. Though he’s known more for his coaching, he’s a great athlete as well. Also, I could probably find one quality of every person in my gym that makes me want to come back every day. It’s why we do what we do. We’re a family.
Favorite Breakfast: I eat almost the same thing every single day. Coffee (duh!), two egg omelet loaded with veggies, feta, and of course, BACON, side of plain oatmeal with raspberries and strawberries. (PS. I added broccoli to my omelet once. It was pretty damn good.)
Favorite WOD from 2017 Bullet Point Open (if you competed): That’s easy… Red Dead Revolver! Pistols and doubles are my jam.
Goals for 2018 Bullet Point Open: I of course would want to improve from last year. More importantly, I want to inspire others in my gym. #KMCFnation, if you’re reading this, please join me in January!!!
Tell us a little about yourself (FAMILY, JOB, SPORTS, MILITARY, INTERESTS, ETC.) 
I am an Underwriter by day, CrossFitter by night. Wife to Matt Kuechler. Dog mom to our fox red labrador, Oakley. Burn Survivor. Only child. Aspiring wine connoisseur (I like to think so anyways). When I am not in the gym, you can probably find me drinking coffee and watching CrossFit, reading about CrossFit, or thinking about CrossFit (ask my Husband ☺).
What are your current strengths when it comes to competitions? I do my very best to take one event at a time and focus on what I can control and not what I can’t. As Ben Bergeron says, this is summed up by Mat Fraser’s Serenity Prayer tattoo: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”
If you haven’t read Ben’s newest book, Chasing Excellence, you need to. Even if you are not a CrossFit competitor, everything from that book can be used in everyday life.
What are you continuing to improve on to become a better competitor? Gymnastics movements, but mainly my mindset. I can work on gymnastics, OLY lifts, and conditioning for hours on end, but it is what is between the ears that is the hardest to train. Confidence is a constant struggle for me. Competition is really when I put that to the ultimate test.
Try to follow the Success Equation: EVENT + RESPONSE = OUTCOME
Why do you compete? It keeps me hungry and humble.
What were your favorite competitions that you been a part of to date and what about them made them your favorite? Fittest Farmhand in 2016 for sure. We literally got to compete on the CrossFit Games grounds in Madison, WI (though we didn’t know it at the time ☺). The setup was incredible and the workouts were super fun! It was also a team competition which are my favorite.
Would you recommend others to make competition a part of their fitness routine? YES! People do amazing things in competition. It exposes your weaknesses and tells you more about what you need to work on than anyone else can. It allows you to become the best version of yourself. It also makes relationships with teammates, coaches and friends stronger. There is nothing I love more than throwing down with my best friends on a Friday night during the Open. How you feel afterwards is indescribable; it’s a natural high.

Athlete Profile: Nicole Bowen

Our next athlete profile comes straight out of Anderson, South Carolina.  A Graphic Designer by trade (and the best employee WODcast could ever ask for) she placed in the middle of the pack of a very competitive Women’s Rx division last year and is looking to improve on that placement this year as she takes another run at the Women’s Rx Division.  Nicole is one of many athletes participating from outside the region and we welcome her and her home box of CrossFit Electric City as she throws down with the rest of the Bullet Point community.

Nicole Bowen
Age: 29
Home Town: Aiken, SC
Current Town: Anderson, SC
Home Affiliate: CrossFit Electric City 

Favorite Affiliate/Gym you have visited and why.
Crossfit Mayhem – very friendly, knowledgeable, coaches. Very nice and clean space, has the most up to date equipment and plenty of it! Also Rich trains / owns it ha what else to love than to train near the champ?
Athlete you most admire
Brooke Ence – she is just someone I feel like I could be friends with. Have been watching her vlogs for the past year and she is just an awesome person. Totally BA. Hilarious, trains hard, cooks some mean looking food, and shoots guns! She has been tough throughout all of life challenges from not qualifying in 2016 to having to withdraw due to injury / surgery in 2017. Look forward to seeing her come back this open in 2018!
Favorite Breakfast
Well as of the late.. I have been doing Keto sine June and my typical breakfast consists of Bullet Proof Coffee (12oz coffee, 1 tbsp kerrygold butter, 1 tbsp MCT oil, 2 TBSP Great Lakes Collagen, and 3/4 scoop Ascent Protein) and either a couple eggs or some good quality hard salami.  Not the typical but I also enjoy some epic eggs with sautéed veggies, lots of bacon and avocado / guac.
Favorite WOD from 2017 Bullet Point Open (if you competed)
Zombieland – Interesting combo of the shoulder to oh and wall balls.. and then once your legs are nice and toasted then sprint row 250 for time.. got pretty hairy quick… 
Goals for 2018 Bullet Point Open
Obviously to place higher up that the previous years 🙂 also to challenge myself and see how my new nutrition and training plan has helped me over the past 6mo.
Tell us a little about yourself (FAMILY, JOB, SPORTS, MILITARY, INTERESTS, ETC.)
Graphic Designer by trade, but literally have 100 hobbies. Since I work for a national power tool brand I can feed my inner wood worker with free tools to create some pretty epic gifts and rustic furniture. Other than being at the gym, I love to cook and try to come up with recipes that I can share as well as feel normal but maintain within my macros. Some other fun hobbies of mine include – Hunting (deer, dove, rabbit, etc.) Taking a day at the range and trying to improve my shot, Camping, Hiking, ANYTHING Harry Potter or TMNT (Cowabunga dude…), spending time with my closest friends, crafting through my stress, and learning to play the guitar.
What are your current strengths when it comes to competitions?
I feel that whenever there is a lift coupled with double unders it is always a good workout for me. Also anything that is a max lift or rowing (ha former rower here), I get my empowerment and most adrenaline from these types of workouts. 
What are you continuing to improve on to become a better competitor?
Always trying to improve my technique as well as anything gymnastic. I’m finally getting alot more comfortable with pullups, toes to bar, and getting my bar muscle ups back.. but ring anything is and has always been my nemesis. I blame my janky shoulders 😛 I am strong in my should except in those compromising positions.
Why do you compete?
I have always been involved in some sort of sport growing up and after my collegiate rowing days I was looking for something to fulfill my competitive edge. I found crossfit and have been hooked ever since. The sport that constantly humbles me is what brings me back for more!
What were your favorite competitions that you been a part of to date and what about them made them your favorite?
– Independence Games (Florence, SC) One of the largest one site competitions I have ever competed in (over 350 athletes across all divisions). Very well run event and challenging which I appreciate. The post all workouts ahead of time, however upon arriving they always change something or add a “twist” to make it that much suckier. Love it! Constantly varied.
– Bullet Point (Everywhere) – Other than the open this was my first online competition where I had to submit my workouts to and talk about an adventure! I feel like this has been the true beginning of my online competing and cannot wait to do more. Also pretty sweet swag is always involved whether for sale or for prizes.
Would you recommend others to make competition a part of their fitness routine?
Yes absolutely! A healthy dose of competition is necessary in life! In a world of snowflakes (and i mean the participation trophy types) setting goals, getting out of your comfort zone, and being epic is what makes life worth living. Plus the community / atmosphere during a competition is indescribable. It doesn’t matter who are everyone is cheering for YOU! My heart is truly full whenever I compete.


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