WOD 5 Name Announced

WOD 5 of the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games is a new format in our competition that we like to refer to as “The Nasty”. The team will navigate these gymnastic and body movements together trying to accumulate as many reps as possible before the clock ticks to zero. Those skilled in the arts of body weight movements along with some epic team coordination skills will find them selves on top of the heap of this workout.

We are calling this one the “Squirrel Master’s Nemesis”.

CrossFit Themis

We still have teams getting registered for the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games! We welcome our first team from CrossFit Themis in Wausau, sounds like they might have another team brewing up there as well. A great community and super happy to see them get involved.


WOD 4 Name Announcement

While the online portion of the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games is in full swing, all this month we will be releasing the names and eventually the definitions of the onsite workouts that will take place on November 11th at SentryWorld in Stevens Point.

WOD 4 of the 2017 Faction Games is the Iron Event aptly names Bar Wars: The Swole Awakens. Your teams cycling powers will be put to the test as you maneuver through a series of barbell movements. Again those with a well balanced team will have the edge as its not about who can lift the heaviest weight its about who can move the weight the fastest.

This one is going to be heavy hard and fast and should be one hell of a show as teams put their foot on the gas and won’t let off til they lunge across that finish line.

Watch for the standards and definition to drop October 22nd and as always watch the website for all the latest announcements and dates for upcoming announcements.


SandBar Hand Care

Please welcome SandBar Hand Care as our latest Contributing Sponsor of the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games. They are a brand new sponsor to our ranks and as always they were hand selected by us because of their phenomenal product. We are stoked to have them on board and suspect that they will be involved in many of our competitions to come, including the 2018 Bullet Point Open in January!

SandBar will be giving all teams that reach the podium at the Faction Games one of their hand care systems.

Stay tuned for a very special promo code and check out their website athttps://sandbarhandcare.com/

WOD 3 Name Announced

The final online workout of the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games is a new category to the Bullet Point Competition Series. The Combine event is described as a test of skill, a series of physical test of the individual and/or team. Athletes can expect things like throwing, jumping, gymnastics, holds, grip, agility tests.

That is just what athletes can expect, the team will pick their best and brightest at each skill test to combine for the best score. This event will have 4 parts and test a variety of domains, while some will be individual efforts, some will require coordination between teammates.

Welcome to the “Bullet Point Combine”

Get registered today at http://register.bulletpointcompetition.com/

WOD 2 Name Announced

WOD 2 is brought to you by WODcast the industry leader in online competition scoring management and event registration.

The second workout of the online portion of the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games is the Endurance Event. While not a repeat workout, if you are a seasoned Bullet Point athlete you may have a few clues as to what this one will contain. 4 team members will compete in this event and require not only endurance but coordination in order to come out on top.

WOD 2 is ….. “Revenge of the Black Pearl”

Look for the full definition and standards to drop September 13th!

Get your faction registered today, this is proving to be one of the biggest competitions of the year as we inch ever closer to selling out.


WOD 1 Name Announced

WOD 1 of the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games is brought to you by Brute Strength Equipment and will be this years Strength Event and we have aptly named it the “Faction Total”. This workout will be the first of 3 performed, submitted and validated online.

Factions will team up pairs of athletes to tackle portions of this workout. Strategy will be key as not only are their points up for grabs for the total each faction post but also the individual lifts will earn you points as well.

In true Bullet Point Competition Series fashion you can expect this to be just as much about strategy as brute force strength. The team with the smartest approach will maximize the point they will earn towards their overall score.

We are also excited to announce that instead of a traditional ranking scoring system this year we will be doing a more Games-like custom point system. What does this mean, it means that workouts will be weighted accordingly to make the race for the podium more interesting. Big workout wins will result in a team being able to make up more ground in the standings while poor performances in specific workouts will hurt a team less.

We will release the structure of the point system as soon as we firm up the field of teams that will be competing and that will be published for all to see on the website.

Stay tuned for the standards and definitions which will be release on September 11, 2017 at 8:00 AM CST


Register RIGHT NOW http://register.bulletpointcompetition.com/

Wodbodsuds #cleanAF Giveaway

What is better than one amazing giveaway? How about two! But these two you’ll have to work for.

First giveaway is the Wodbodsuds #cleanAF Giveaway! Fire up those Instagram accounts and your WHOLE TEAM could win a CLEAN AF T-Shirt or Tank plus a bar of Wodbodsuds AMAZING “Snapback” soap. Infused with peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus to provide a cooling effect to aide your muscles to recovery.

Here is how you can enter:

– Register your team at http://register.bulletpointcompetition.com/
– Take a picture of some or better yet ALL of your team members showing how you get #cleanAF after a grueling workout.
– Post the picture to your Instagram account
– Tag both @wodbodsuds and @bulletpointcompetitionseries
– Slap on a hashtag #cleanAF to your post

We will pick a winner in September,

Remember to check out Wodbodsuds at http://www.wodbodsuds.com/ and order some of their awesome products. Also look for them onsite at the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games on November 11th at SentryWorld in Stevens Point where they will be slinging their product as an official vendor.

WodBottom Rock Bottom Giveaway

You gotta be joking my ass, TWO GIVEAWAYS AT THE SAME TIME?

Yes and this one is for the ladies. Introducing the WodBottom Rock Bottom Giveaway! Fire up those Instagram accounts and you could win 1 of 4 different booty shorts straight from Wisconsin’s own WodBottom.

Here is how you can enter:

– Register your team at http://register.bulletpointcompetition.com/
– Take a picture of you and/or your teammates showing off those rock bottom, ass-to-grass squats! Creativity is key people!
– Post the picture to your Instagram account
– Tag both @wodbottom and @bulletpointcompetitionseries
– Slap on a hashtag #rockbottom to your post

We will pick a winner in September!

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Also look for them onsite at the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games on November 11th at SentryWorld in Stevens Point where they will be slinging their product as an official vendor.

Event Shirt Designs from WodThreads

Event shirts have been finalized, other than the addition of a few sponsors to the back we expect these to be printed as is. These will be printed on high quality Bella+Canvas premium blend shirts by our Gold Level sponsor WodThreads. Not only does WodThreads make their own badass apparel designs, they also do custom work for gyms, organizations, events etc. If you are in the market for some custom apparel make sure you reach out to Derek over at WodThreads for some stellar customer service.

Not only do they do printing but they even do design work, we will be working with them to collaborate on a design for the upcoming 2018 Bullet Point Open, our huge annual online competition in January.

Check them out online at http://www.wodthreads.com/ and remember to use the promo code “CompeteLocal” for 15% of your order.

And of course, make sure you register soon for the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games and secure your spot for one of the most innovative competitions in the area today.