WodThreads was one of the very first apparel companies to work with us and we have already had some great collaborations with them on past merchandise items. What you may not know is that these guys not only sell some kick ass apparel of their own they do custom design work and printing for events and individuals.

We are proud to announce that WodThreads has signed on to be the official printer of the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games and are a Gold level sponsor for the event.

WodThreads will be onsite selling gear at beautiful SentryWorld here in November. So make sure you come ready to shop. Also if you have a need for some custom designed shirts for a project or event make sure you get in touch with Derek at WodThreads. They do amazing work and we look forward to working with them on all of our Bullet Point Competition gear.

Make sure you check them out on Facebook and Instagram @wodthreads and also check out their sleek new website at http://www.wodthreads.com/

Use a very special promo code CompeteLocal for an extra 15% off your order.



Compete Every Time

Please help us welcome Compete Every Day as our latest contributing sponsor of the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games. Compete Every Day® provides competitors the positive motivation to overcome their greatest obstacles and apparel for giving their best, every day.

Our community is part of a movement that inspires the pursuit of our best life. We are inspired by the gritty, the driven, the courageous, and the purposeful. We are athletes, yogis, parents, creatives, sons, daughters, dreamers & doers worldwide. Our mission is simple:

Celebrate competitors inspired to do their best, every day, while competing for their goals, relationships, & lives.

Competing every day isn’t something you just do in the gym. It’s choosing courage over comfort, overcoming fears that try to hinder your progress, and taking action toward creating the life you desire to live. It’s giving your best effort, every single day.

Midwest Box Life

We are especially pumped to have connected with Midwest Box Life last week and will be working with them on a few projects for our upcoming 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games to produce some content to highlight some of the amazing athletes in our region. It is great to be connecting with some like minded individuals that think this is as important as we do and look forward to working with them to keep raising the bar with the sport of fitness in the North Central Region.

Midwest Box Life is a community organization that believes in the power of this community and helps shine a spotlight on the athletes and boxes that make it up.

Check them out on Instagram @midwestboxlife and their website athttp://www.midwestboxlife.com/

Afro Brutality

A brand that has truly inspired everything that we do here at Bullet Point Competition Series and also the latest Contributing Sponsor of the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games. We are super honored to have these guys on board. The one and only, the notorious Afro Brutality.

If you are not already following them on social media make sure you look them up on instagram @afrobrutality and also check out all of their badass gear at http://shop.afrobrutality.com/

We will be working with them to get a special promo code for the competition so stay tuned for that.

In a decision between fear or failure, choose failure. Fear has never led anyone to success. Fail Fucking Harder.


We always love getting new sponsors on board, but this one is especially kick ass because its a local company, with local entrepreneurs that are hustling to make a name for themselves. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Wodbodsuds as a Silver Sponsor of the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games. Not only are the owners sponsoring the event but also competing.

So make sure you show these guys some love on social media, and check out their product and website at http://www.wodbodsuds.com/

CrossFit Stevens Point

More teams are rolling in! Big shout out to CrossFit Stevens Point​ who registered not one but two teams yesterday. They are determined to defend their home turf and earn a place on that podium in November.

Rally those teams and get registered today at http://register.bulletpointcompetition.com/


The onsite portion of the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games will be held at beautiful SentryWorld in Stevens Point, WI. For those of you that attended the 2017 Bullet Point Classic in May, you witnessed first hand what an amazing facility this is. Huge shout out to the management and SentryWorld staff that made it a first class experience for everyone. We are glad to be partnering up once again with them and you can bank on things being even better this go around.

This is the very first time we are returning to the same venue for our competitions and if you are fortunate to attend you will understand why.

Hotel accommodations for the weekend of the onsite event are current being negotiated and will be released as soon as possible.

We are planning a half day seminar with Sam and Jenn Dancer on the following Sunday morning, this will be open to anyone that might be interested. Details will be release soon on registration for that.



Caffeine and Kilos

We would like to welcome Caffeine and Kilos back as a contributing sponsor of the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games. C&K will be providing coffee and gift cards for our prize packages. Always glad to have them on board, such a great company with great product and apparel.
Check out their website at http://caffeineandkilos.com/ they have a ton of new gear on sale.

Spider Chalk

Once again we welcome back Spider Chalk as the official chalk and silver sponsor of the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games. This is without a doubt the best block and liquid chalk on the market. If you are not already using them make sure to check them out. Made in the USA and one of the best companies we have ever worked with. Contact them today for all your gym chalk needs at http://www.spiderchalk.com/

Registration opens tonight at Midnight!


Paragon Fitness and Nutrition

We are proud to be working with one of Wisconsin’s own, Paragon Fitness and Nutrition who has signed on as a Premier Partner for the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games. These guys are one of the biggest up and comers in the supplements game and if you haven’t tried them make sure to check out their website at http://paragonfn.com/ and stop by their booth the day of the competition.

We will be setting up promotional codes with many of our sponsors, so watch for those on social media, the website and in the emails we send out to our mailing list to take advantage of the deals.