Hells Bells

No fancy video. No frills. No nonsense. Just 100% engine. How hard can you push on this years sprint event of the 2017 Bullet Point Classic?
How quickly you can maneuver the 3 movements in this workout and how hard you can push will have a huge effect on your success. Before you tackle that last stretch make sure you have enough in the tank, a mistake could send you back to the start and out of contention.
WOD #2 is “Hells Bells”
Full definition and standards


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The Team Sales crew will be on site at the event to answer any questions you might have. Box owners, take note to stop by their booth and get more information.

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It’s a Hard Knock Life

WOD #3 of the 2017 Bullet Point Classic is the dreaded endurance event aptly named “It’s a Hard Knock Life” sponsored by our Premier Partners Paragon Fitness and Nutrition.

This WOD is a familiar one but with a Bullet Point twist. This will test your skill and your fortitude as you navigate this test of endurance. And yes, this one is sure to smoke you ….

Knowing how to pace the buy in will be key to finishing this one under the cap, but don’t pace it to much as in the end this will be the tie breaker for the WOD and also be the overall tie breaker in case there is a tie at the end of the competition.

While some of you will be able to complete this within the 15 minute cap for many of you you will be competing to get every single rep possible.


Full Definition & Standards

Prize Packages Announced

Will you be the last standing at the 2017 Bullet Point Classic? Find yourself on the podium and you could be taking home some pretty awesome prizes. We are still looking at expanding these in the coming weeks but what you see listed is the minimum the podium finishers will be taking home.

Madison Livesore

We want to welcome Melissa Ramos Bailey from Madison Livesore, she will be on site slinging gear at the 2017 Bullet Point Classic and look for some cool stuff from Livesore in the podium prize packages which will be announced soon!

Get registered today at http://register.bulletpointcompetition.com/

Sprint Event Name Announced

This years sprint event is a real bell ringer. As always the 2017 Bullet Point Classic sprint will be a short time domain and test the athletes engine. You’re legs will be on fire after you face “Hells Bells” #thewodsarecoming#bulletpoint #bebrute

Register today at http://register.bulletpointcompetition.com/

Giveaway Prize Package Winner

Congrats Brigitta Altmann of CrossFit Stevens Point, winner of our latest prize package. You have won all of these badass drinking receptacles.

More giveaways to come so stay tuned and get registered.

Hopper Event Name Announced

This years hopper event of the 2017 Bullet Point Classic will be entertaining to say the least. We will not announce this one until the day of the competition, but will be a fun one to end the day on for sure.

WOD 4 of the competition is “Donkey Kong”

We are officially a month out from the event and is definitely shaping up to be a fun day, a lot more information to come on the day as we have a nice little after party planned and plenty of stuff onsite.

Get registered to compete at http://register.bulletpointcompetition.com/

Endurance Event Name Announcement

The endurance WOD for the 2017 Bullet Point Classic​ is a familiar one but with a Bullet Point twist. This will test your skill and your fortitude as you navigate this test of endurance. And yes, this one is sure to smoke you ….

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Athlete Profile: Tom Zoeckler

This weeks athlete profile comes to us all the way from Iowa.  Tom Zoeckler will be competing at the 2017 Bullet Point Classic in the Men’s Rx Division as an Independent.  A former football player, Tom found his love for CrossFit and competition in the transition from football.  Now a grade school teacher at Iowa City Community School District, he graduated from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. We welcome him to the field of athletes as he makes the trek all the way to central Wisconsin for the competition.  Learn more about Tom in this weeks athlete profile.

Name: Tom Zoeckler
Age: 24
Home Town: Iowa City, Iowa
Current Town: North Liberty, Iowa
Home Affiliate: I have my own gym with some friends.

Favorite Affiliate/Gym you have visited and why:
CrossFit Cedar Rapids, the gym is massive and the people are awesome. My Crossfit mentor, Dylan Martin, goes to this gym and it is always great to workout with him.

Athlete you most admire:
Dylan Martin, I get to work out with him often and we communicate weekly about things we are doing in training. His advice has helped me a lot to become a better athlete. He is a great friend. He is very supportive and has a great mental attitude every day.

Favorite Breakfast:
Sweet potatoes, bacon, eggs, onions, guacamole, sour cream, and lots of tabasco!

Favorite WOD:
16.2, heavy squat cleans are my jam, and under fatigue makes them more fun and allows you to separate from the strength specialists!

Goals for 2017
I hope to crack the top 150 in the North Central region in the open.

Tell us a little about yourself (FAMILY, JOB, SPORTS, MILITARY, INTERESTS, ETC.):
I am currently a 5th, 7th, and 8th grade teacher in the Iowa City Community School District. This is my second year and it has been awesome. I graduated from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. I played football and was a captain my senior year in 2014. I fell in love with the off-season of football and that lead me to Crossfit. I have been doing it nonstop since then.

What are your current strengths when it comes to competitions?
My strength is usually what sets me apart from other athletes. I have always loved seeing my barbell numbers increase!

What are you continuing to improve on to become a better competitor?
My engine and gymnastics. I hit those hard every day.

Why do you compete?
It was a natural transition from football to Crossfit. I have a hard time not trying to be the best at something, so naturally I started competing with Crossfit.

What were your favorite competitions that you been a part of to date and what about them made them your favorite?
The Circus, by Crossfit 8035 was an awesome team competition. It was my first big competition and it pushed me to a level I had not experienced before. It was a great atmosphere and a lot of fun.

Would you recommend others to make competition a part of their fitness routine?
Yes, I would. I do not think you need to compete every single day or very often, but every once in a while when you are feeling that itch to compete, do it! Competing day in and day out can burn you out, so instead have fun with the process and try to improve yourself somehow each day. Those small improvements will compound and definitely make competing more fun when you decide to.