Sam and Jennifer Dancer

It is with great pleasure that we announce our very special guests and athlete ambassadors for the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games at SentryWorld on November 11th will be Jennifer Nobis-Dancer and Sam Dancer

Sam and Jenn will be onsite at the competition hanging out and we are working on other plans of a possible seminar that Sunday after the event. Stay tuned for details.

We are deeply honored to have these guys up to the northwoods. If you never had the pleasure of meeting them they are truly some of the best people we have ever met and the work they do down at their gym in Quincy IL QTown CrossFit is nothing short of amazing.

Please make sure to check out the event that they started called the Row Raiser that raises money for the Special Olympics ( ) It’s coming up on July 8, 2017!!!


As always, WODcast will be the official scorer of the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games. WODcast is the industry leader in online competition scoring and management and supports Online Qualifiers, Online and Onsite Competition leaderboards around the world for some of the biggest competitions.

Epic competitions require epic organization and thats what WODcast provides. Their top of the line system and partnership with Eventbrite, one of the leading online ticket and registration services on the market, the provide a top to bottom experience with a service unlike any other.

From an in house competition to a large scale event, if your in the event running business or just a gym who wants to provide a top level experience look no further.

Looking for Sponsors and Vendors

We are currently looking for Sponsors and Vendors for the 2017 Bullet Point Faction Games. We here at Bullet Point Competition Series pride ourselves on helping promote local Wisconsin companies as well as Veteran and Active duty owned businesses and we want to get involved with more. Our events are a unique opportunity to directly market some of the most avid fitness enthusiasts in the state and beyond. If you are a local business and are interested in getting involved please contact us at If you know someone that has a business that might be interested in being a part of our events TAG THEM and tell them these events are worth their time and money. We hustle like crazy to get our sponsors the best ROI on their sponsorships no matter how small their involvement.

Faction Games

The Faction Games is a first of its kind team competition for our area.  Teams will compete online and onsite in a series of 7 workouts.  These workouts will test every facet of fitness and force the teams to strategize on who on the team will perform each of the workouts.  Team make up will vary as teams can have anywhere from 4 to 6 members and the only requirement is that each team have at least 1 of each gender.  Teams will have 2 months to complete the 3 online workouts and will be validated by their gyms.  They are allowed to repeat the online workouts as many times as they desire to maximize their scores in the online portion.  All teams will then advance to the onsite portion of the competition which will be hosted at beautiful SentryWorld in Stevens Point where they will compete in 4 more workouts.  All workouts will count towards the final leaderboards in this winner take all, no holds barred competition.

Online Portion: Saturday, September 11, 2017 to October 31, 2017
On site Portion: Saturday, November 11, 2017 at SentryWorld in Stevens Point, WI
Format: Team Competition comprised of 4-6 individuals and teams must have at least 1 of each gender
Workouts: 7 total ( 3 online / 4 on site)
Divisions: Rx and Scaled
Difficulty: ALL LEVELS (Beginner to Advanced)

Hells Bells

No fancy video. No frills. No nonsense. Just 100% engine. How hard can you push on this years sprint event of the 2017 Bullet Point Classic?
How quickly you can maneuver the 3 movements in this workout and how hard you can push will have a huge effect on your success. Before you tackle that last stretch make sure you have enough in the tank, a mistake could send you back to the start and out of contention.
WOD #2 is “Hells Bells”
Full definition and standards


Eastbay has been a part of the Foot Locker, Inc. family since 1997 and is based right in the heart of Wisconsin. They carry an extensive catalog of sports gear and apparel from all the top brands. We are excited to be working with their Team Sales department, as we believe they have unique products that would be valuable for area boxes/gyms to be offering their athletes to help represent their various communities.

The Team Sales crew will be on site at the event to answer any questions you might have. Box owners, take note to stop by their booth and get more information.

In addition to Team Sales, we are working with as one of their official LinkShare affiliates and will be offering special discounts. This is a great way for you to help support Bullet Point Competition Series by shopping for all your favorite gear (Metcons, Nanos, Romaleos, etc.). Every purchase you make helps support our quest for putting on epic competitions in the state of Wisconsin.

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It’s a Hard Knock Life

WOD #3 of the 2017 Bullet Point Classic is the dreaded endurance event aptly named “It’s a Hard Knock Life” sponsored by our Premier Partners Paragon Fitness and Nutrition.

This WOD is a familiar one but with a Bullet Point twist. This will test your skill and your fortitude as you navigate this test of endurance. And yes, this one is sure to smoke you ….

Knowing how to pace the buy in will be key to finishing this one under the cap, but don’t pace it to much as in the end this will be the tie breaker for the WOD and also be the overall tie breaker in case there is a tie at the end of the competition.

While some of you will be able to complete this within the 15 minute cap for many of you you will be competing to get every single rep possible.


Full Definition & Standards…/its-a-hard-knock-l…/

Prize Packages Announced

Will you be the last standing at the 2017 Bullet Point Classic? Find yourself on the podium and you could be taking home some pretty awesome prizes. We are still looking at expanding these in the coming weeks but what you see listed is the minimum the podium finishers will be taking home.

The Lion Killer

We begin the 2017 Bullet Point Classic with a test of strength. WOD 1 is “The Lion Killer” sponsored by Brute Strength Equipment.

For those that love the barbell you will be right at home with this workout, and if you know anything about how we like to program you can expect a very interesting format. In march of 2016 we held an epic seminar with the one and only Donny Shankle at Farmland Fitness, and for those that were in attendance their approach to weightlifting would be forever changed.

So in honor of the man, the myth, the legend … we have designed this workout in his honor. We are affectionately calling this one “The Lion Killer” #SHANKLE

Strategy will play key role as always, do you go HAM early or save energy for the heavier weights. Not about how heavy you go its about the total weight accumulated, the weights get hot and heavy quick so make sure you have a plan of attack.


Full Definition & Standards

Madison Livesore

We want to welcome Melissa Ramos Bailey from Madison Livesore, she will be on site slinging gear at the 2017 Bullet Point Classic and look for some cool stuff from Livesore in the podium prize packages which will be announced soon!

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